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  The Male nurse is a person having received a formal training and practical sanctioned of a diploma making it able to identify, plan, and satisfy the needs for the patients and goods bearing as regards health.

  The following definition according to the dahir n°1-57-008 of the 21 chaabane 1979 appeared in the official bulletin of February 20, 1960 page 443 article1, is considered, like following the occupation of the male nurse: Any person who usually gives either to residence, or in the private organizations of hospitalization of prevention or consultation of the care prescribed or advised by a doctor.

  This restrictive definition is nowadays exceeded, it does not mark sufficiently the importance of the function held by the Male nurse within the looking after teams, already in 1966, committee WHO of experts in care male nurses at this meeting in Geneva took again this definition for setting in points by the international council of the male nurses. This committee took again this definition by emphasizing the concept of formation obtaining the diploma and the capacity to identify, plan and satisfy and to evaluate the needs for community as regards care.

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