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In the world
In France
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In the world

  Since times of moved back the Maternal Institute always inspired the woman the desire to relieve the patients, and it makes a success of this spot in various places under the religious authority, its role increases considerably to see the professional Nurse the voluntary one.

  The beginning of the 19th century knew a great scientific progress and a immencipation of the woman, which is favorable for a rebirth of care male nurses. This reform is the work of Florence NIGHTINGALE (1820-1910) in England.

  In 1860, it created the first School of Nurse at theSaint-Thomas Hospital of London. At that time, the therapeutic techniques are simple and very few, the care at that time consists to observe rules h' food hygiene and to learn all measurements to ensure each patient a physical and moral comfort.

  If on the level of the church, Florence were documented first of the profession, there exists as well before Moslem women who were sacrificed to look after the casualties during the wars of popularization and of dissemination of the Islam example Rofaida FAHD Al ISLAMIYA which is present at the following wars (Badr, Ouhoud.....).

In France

  From 1919-1940: The institution of the 1st professional diploma at the following day of the 1st world war (1914-1918), the opening of the services of social and medical assistance requires the recruitment of a personnel of health able to give care, but also to lead the activities of prevention and education near the population Le patent of professional capacity authorizing the wearing of title IDE (Graduate Male nurse of State) was created by the decree of June 27, 1922, this same decree envisages the constitution of a council of improvement of the male nurses who occupy themselves:
* Studies of the programs of the profession.
* The organization of the examinations.
* Conditions of recruitment.
* The operation of the schools.

  Of 1995-at our days: this period is characterized by important legislative decisions which give to the profession of the Male nurse a statute, a career, and specializations.

In Morocco

  Before protectorate, it had neither infrastructure, nor clean medical organization, and consequently, no vocational training, which into 1941que the first school nurse opened her doors with Casa, it acts of the School of State Infirmier of Put held for young French resident in Morocco (they prepare with the diploma of French state).

  Three years later, another school opened its doors with Rabat, it acts of the School of Moslem Male nurses reserved to the young titular Morrocans of CEPM, it ensures a 2 years formation the end of which the prize winner becomes training male nurse if he has a higher average or equalizes 12/20 or auxiliary male nurse if he has an average higher than 10/20 and lower than 12/20.

  In 1944, the School of Medical auxiliary Social Moslem women was created in Casa, it receives the Moroccan girls of a level CM2 for a 2 years formation.

  For the following day of independence, it was necessary to meet the massive needs as regards the personnel, difficulty which arises from the very start of the Fifties the authorities considered the opening of new schools with Fès, Marrakech, Meknes Taroudant, but with the day before of independence, only the School of State de Casa and two regional Schools function.

  During independence, just the end of the Fifties, the Ministry of Public health must answer in the media with the insufficiency of the personnel after the departure of the personnel of French extraction. This personnel must exempt care in the absence of doctor without requiring means of expensive treatment. The training will thus relate to the medical assistances and its patented male nurses (the ministerial decree of the 23 sep 1957)

  The formation of ASDE began in an effective way for the Morrocans only en1960 and to leave de1962 for the technicians. The formation of the school of the executives has to begin that at 1963.


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