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  The functions of the Male nurse include/understand:

A.L' organization and the evaluation of the care male nurses, their executions either on medical regulation, or within the framework of the male nurse role.

B Analysis .

C.Les various actions concerning the administration the framing and prevention.

In addition, the profession of the Male nurse is defined by the quality of the services which it offers to the population and by collaboration that it brings to the other members of the medical team to ensure of the complete care, which implies:

* The Function of Care : the care being very act carried out by the Male nurse of which the goal to treat or prevent a disease or to allow a physical, psychic and moral wellbeing of a sick individual or bearing good

* The Function of Teaching : for the transmission of a knowledge to make and a knowledge to be a group of professional in court of formation or exercise, in certain cases one has recourse to doctors, pharmacists to give a teaching however the training of the male nurses is the business of the male nurses themselves, but they cannot only carry it out without the collaboration of the other professionals of En health, final, the Male nurse is a teacher.

* The Function of Organization, Management and Administration: the Male nurse cannot be any more one simple executor, it is called to plan, manage and evaluate the activities of a health service.

* The Function of Research : who can be modestly carried out investigations, studies, the publications of which the goal to improve quality of the assumption of responsibility of the patients. Documentation, the correct filling of the elements which constitut the file of the patient makes research easier thanks to the availability and reliability of the source data.


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