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Organization of the studies
Duration of the studies
Access to the 1st cycle of the ancillary medical studies
Organization of the contest of admision has 1st cycle  


Organization of the studies

Training scheme (teaching): the training is laid out in French language, it includes/understands:


General purpose Male nurse

Wise Woman


Social Assistant

Theoretical courses

1394 Hours

987 Hours

1280 Hours


Directed work

257 Hours

296 Hours

50 Hours


Practical Work

446 Hours

494 Hours

370 Hours


Training courses

1800 Hours

2120 Hours

1800 Hours



1 Possibility of recruitment within the framework of the public office.

2 Possibility of exercise in quality of paid in private sector.

3 Possibility of exercise on a purely liberal basis for General-purpose Male nurse and Wise Woman.

Duration of the studies

* 3 years of the studies sanctioned by the Diploma of State.

* The mode of the studies is the boarding school or the externat according to the place of residence of the student and the means available.


A. To ensure the initial formation of the ancillary medical executives intended to exert in public and private sector.

B To organize training courses continues with the profit of the professionals of health concerned with the Ministry for Health and the public and private organizations.

C To take part in the development of research in the field of the ancillary medical activities.

Access to the 1st cycle of the ancillary medical studies

To the titular candidates of the vat of secondary education or a diploma are equivalent.

Necessary qualities:

* A good health.
* A good manual dexterity and skills to carry out fast and precise epic.
* A facility to communicate and develop aptitudes for the human relations.
* The direction of responsibility, the respect of others, tact and devotion.

Organization of the contest of admision to the 1st cycle

The date of the Contest, the number of places put in competition and the date of the file, are fixed by the circular of the Ministry of Health towards the end of each year.
Criteria of Preselection: the average obtained by the candidate.


Option of the baccalaureat

General-purpose Male nurse
 Any series
Wise Woman
 Any series
 Applied sciences
Social Assistant
Applied sciences

Manpower to be selected: fixed by each year by the ministerial circular of the contest.

Tests of the Contest:

Only the candidates preselected graduates, are authorized to take part in the contest, this one comprises:

A. Written Test: in French language, bearing on a general subject (Duration 2 Hours, Coefficient 3)

B. A maintenance: for the candidates admitted with the written test, which aims at exploring the aptitudes of the candidates to follow the formation to which it postulates (Lasted 15 minutes, Coefficient 2)


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