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  This site [ ] is dedicated to the Students Moroccans nurses Specialists in Anaesthesia-Reanimation in the Institute of Formation to the Careers of Health in Agadir promotion 2001-2004.

  It is an exclusiveness in Morocco, we are the first student Moroccan nurses anaesthetists having their official site on the Web among the students male nurses of the IFCS of Morocco.

  Currently, Our reports of end of studies is available on line on [ ], also a gallery of the students's photographs .

  One counts on your suggestions, your encouragements and also your observations.!!.

Promotion 2001-2004 of the Students nurses in 
Anesthesia and Reanimation



Launching version 1: 09/2002
Launching version 2: 09/2003
Launching version 3: 03/2004
Launching version 4: 07/2004
Launching English version : 09/2004



See the mentions of our reports of end of studies [ Click here ]





Our memory of end of stadies

Moroccan association of the Male nurses in 
Anesthesia and Reanimation



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